Personal notes - Notizen

Since a couple of months I use to write down into files my findings whenever I research a subject at work (sometimes also at home).

I keep all those notes in a git repo, so I can manage them easily (different computers, versioning, publishing, etc.).


At some point, when the number becomes big I lost track of which notes I have and where. That's why I decided to start tagging them so I could write some automation to look for my notes in a given subject.

A very simple example of note:

Testing in python
tags: python, testing

here comes the content of the note.

For more examples of notes you can check the repo, but I think the idea is clear: there are some fields (like tags:) which are used to classify and index the notes.

Automating: Notizen

Recently I started developing some python thingies that:

  1. Index the notes with their tags
  2. Can perform searches for a given tag

All of these under the name Notizen. I will be publishing that python package soon, both in the Cheeseshop and in bitbucket.


  1. PyPI notizen package.
  2. Bitbucket notizen repo.
  3. The notes in Github.