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  1. Logging in into the STUPS docker registry (Pier One)

    I log in as johndoe:

    $ ./venv-py3.4/bin/pierone login --user johndoe
    Getting OAuth2 token "pierone".. OK
    Storing Docker client configuration in /home/jdoe/.docker/config.json.. OK

    This has written some Docker configuration:

    $ cat  ~/.docker/config.json | jq '.'
      "auths": {
        "https://pierone.repo": {
          "email": "no-mail-required@example.org",
          "auth": "b2F1dGgyOjQ4NTEyODZiLTZmZTctNTBlYy05MjAxLTlhNzkwNjM5NzQzMA=="
        "null ...
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  2. Log in with STUPS `mai` into AWS.

    Before log in with mai, we can list which profiles we have:

    $ ./venv-py3.4/bin/mai list                                                                                                                                                                                  
    Name             │Role                                                             │Url                     │User                      
    profileName1    AWS Account 288593816804 (acme-team2): AWS-Profile-Name     https://aws.acme.net joe@acme.net

    ok, now I know I want to log in into the profileName1 profile:

    $ ./venv-py3.4/bin ...
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