Log in with STUPS `mai` into AWS.

Before log in with mai, we can list which profiles we have:

$ ./venv-py3.4/bin/mai list                                                                                                                                                                                  
Name             │Role                                                             │Url                     │User                      
profileName1    AWS Account 288593816804 (acme-team2): AWS-Profile-Name     https://aws.acme.net joe@acme.net

ok, now I know I want to log in into the profileName1 profile:

$ ./venv-py3.4/bin/mai login profileName1
Authenticating against https://aws.zalando.net/.. OK
Assuming role AWS Account 210987654321 (acme-team2): AWS-Profile-Name.. OK
Writing temporary AWS credentials.. OK

This seems to write something here:

cat ~/.config/mai/last_update.yaml
{profile: profileName1, timestamp: 1450084393.4453733}

I don't know what happens when I log in in several profiles at the same time.